About Us

It started by seeing images of sea animals dying from entanglement or starvation caused by the plastics we thoughtlessly discard, seconds after using them.

It grew because we realized we could make a difference, if we chose to.

It has been validated by 1000’s of companies who decided they can do better.

It took a while to find products that really do what they’re intended to.

We’re here now, to help clean our oceans, our planet and our conscience.

Mr. Blue Fish was just another fish caught in a plastic bag. He wouldn’t have survived had it not been for a diver who recognized his plight and set him free. Mr. Blue Fish was lucky – we produced 368 million tons of plastic in 2019. By 2025, that will be almost 600 million tons.

Packaging accounts for 40% of all the plastic we produce. Most of it finds its way into our oceans. It was sad to think that we’re responsible for damaging the lives our kids will lead.

That’s when Natasha, our CEO, wondered if she could make a difference. She wanted to put what she had been practicing about reducing waste to a wider community. Mr. Blue Fish was founded with three simple ethos:

  1. Deliver sustainable alternatives to plastic packaging that perform the same function without any material impact on cost
  2. Address the issue at the source by working with businesses to reimagine their product packaging options
  3. Inform businesses and consumers about the choices they can make to reduce packaging waste

Since we started, we have cultivated a sizeable community of suppliers who have been thoroughly vetted to ensure their products meet global sustainability standards. By working directly with suppliers we are able to keep costs down while reducing minimum order quantities for our clients. Feedback from customers is solicited and acted upon to ensure the utility of our products exceeds their needs. We are trying to promote a social conscience, so we have grown thoughtfully to ensure we represent ourselves well, before we expect our others to do so. We are now ready to make a larger impact.

We encourage you to see how our products, solutions and services can impact your business. More than anything, we would love to hear how we can build a broader community of like minded businesses to share ideas and approaches that make a difference, which is why we launched The DoGoodPack, our not for profit community of practice dedicated to sustainable packaging practitioners.

SO, thank you for wanting to make a difference, from Natasha and the team, and every Mr. Blue Fish out there.

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