Demystifying Sustainable Packaging

Communities of people who want to bring original thought to a mainstream audience all too often commit a fundamental mistake – they believe everyone who consumes their message is familiar with it. Originality needs familiarity to succeed. For sustainability to become a way of life, consumers need to understand it from their perspective, as simply put as possible, so that they can diffuse their learnings to their circles, who let others know, and so on, till what they do is what everyone does.

Until we explain sustainable packaging in a simple way, the Mr. Blue Fishes we would like to save, stand no chance. So, here’s our attempt to demystify sustainability in packaging.

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Delivering the E in ESG

Businesses face a lot of responsibility, some of which we tend to take for granted. They are responsible to provide customers with products and services that exceed expectations, deliver returns to shareholders, and foster an inclusive and rewarding work culture for employees. With increased public awareness of ESG, businesses are now being tasked to meet a whole new set of expectations to society and to our planet. Rather than tackle these with a “what will these cost?” or “what trade-offs will I need to make?” mentality, ESG (or, for the purposes of this article, the E in ESG) should be viewed by businesses as a way to differentiate from their competition and deliver to those they are responsible for.

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